Fitted out with a survival suit, snorkel and mask, you commence the salmon safari by floating freely along with the powerful current of the Suldalslågen River. Some parts of the river are so shallow that you almost have to squeeze past the flat stones on the riverbed. At other points, you pass over pools that are more than 12 metres deep. This is an adventure in nature of a totally different kind: A salmon darts by. Another is standing still, striving against the current. The vegetation in the river changes between green water plants, fine grain sand, and light shiny stones. This is the Laksesafari© Salmon Safari. A guide follows your progress from a nearby canoe.

Equipment and participation requirements

Participants must be over 14 years of age, are able to swim, and do not suffer from epilepsy or any other ailments that can be aggravated by cold or stress. The organisers provide the survival suits and other equipment. In the summer, you can wear sports clothes under the survival suit, while in winter you should wear wool underclothes. Additionally, during cold periods, Mo Laksegard will provide fur-lined inner suits to wear under the survival suits. Remember to bring a change of clothes.

Price: NOK: 790,- per person. Min: 6 persons